Sint Maarten’s US party Leader, Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty Calls for Cultural Revival and Respectful Carnival Celebrations

Pamela Gordon - Carty, leader of the United St. Maarten Party


Prominent Leader from the US party Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty  Highlights Need for Dignity, Morals, and Values in Sint Maarten’s Festivities

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — With deep concern and disappointment, I address the public to express my dissatisfaction with the recent carnival season. As a mother, a female leader, a businesswoman, and a devoted patriot of Sint Maarten, I feel compelled to question the loss of dignity, respect, self-pride, and humility that were once inherent in our people. We have reached a point where good is deemed evil and vice versa. Sint Maarten has become synonymous with promoting and glorifying the wrong aspects of our culture, constantly highlighting the undesirable elements.

Fellow citizens of Sint Maarten, we must acknowledge that we have a substantial amount of work to do if we wish to transform our country into a place that our children can look up to with pride. There is a time and place for everything in life, and the recent events during this carnival season should serve as a wake-up call for us to unite and restore order for the sake of future generations. Women, you hold a pivotal role as pillars of our society, shaping the moral compass and values of the next generation. Let us not forget our responsibility. We must not participate in actions simply because others do; instead, we should be the guardians of integrity and set real guidelines for the next carnival season and any other public event.

Carnival is meant to be a parade where the entire community can gather with their young children, enjoying a spectacle that upholds cultural pride and tradition. However, what transpired this year was far from the intended purpose. The costumes lacked modesty, and the display of morals and true cultural identity was virtually nonexistent. We witnessed a distressing lack of respect, as well as behavior that crossed the boundaries of what is acceptable for a family-oriented event. This is not the example we should be setting for our young ones said the leader of the US party Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty.

The current state of our carnival festivities is far too liberal, pushing the limits of what is appropriate for Sint Maarten. We must cease imitating others and rediscover our own unique identity as a people. We cannot allow slackness to be the downfall of our beloved country, where anything and everything is accepted without consideration for the consequences. Sint Maarten, it is evident that this time we have crossed the line. The stakeholders involved in organizing this cultural event must reconsider their approach, or else the public expects to witness significant degrading behaviors in future events.

While healthy enjoyment and celebration are important, we cannot applaud the degradation that has become prevalent in our festivities said Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty leader of the US party. It is precisely this lack of accountability and the turning of blind eyes that lead to the decline of a nation. To those adults who condone the exposure of their children, I implore you to consider the rising rates of sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, and child sexual abuse. We cannot continue to be the authors of such detrimental trends. As grown women, it is essential to conduct ourselves on public roads in a manner expected of us, demonstrating self-respect and setting a positive example for the young girls silently looking up to us. Yes we all know no one is perfect we all have our flaws but degrading behavior should not be one of those flaws. Also pushing liberalism has to be limited as we as a country has yet to show if we want to embrace certain behaviors openly in public. We love all human beings but there is still a list of behavior that we despise. 

And to the men, I remind you that while you indulge in the season’s visual pleasures, remember that you were born of a woman. Let us not abuse this privilege but instead use it responsibly. Men you still play an important role in the upbringing of our children. Serve as that positive example.

For the betterment of Sint Maarten, let us contribute to a future that our children can thrive in. Carnival is an occasion for the entire country to come together, but we must bear in mind that children will be present at these public event. It is imperative to establish a separate teenage parade with strict dress codes, allowing children the space to grow without interference. The age of participation in the adult parade should be set at 18 and above, ensuring that the costumes are predominantly covered and age-appropriate.

“Sint Maarten, we must strive for excellence and surpass the current state of affairs. Together, we can build a brighter future for our beloved country and its children. Let’s all do our part, not for me nor for you but for the next generations to come.” Said the leader of US party Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty