Paving Road Blunder in Cole Bay

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent road paving project carried out in Cole Bay, Sint Maarten, which has unfortunately resulted in significant inconvenience and financial burden for the taxpayers of our beloved island.
As a concerned businessman and an active member of our community, I have observed with dismay that the Ministry of VROMI has undertaken the task of paving a road in Cole Bay with undue haste and inadequate planning. This decision, seemingly driven by a desire to gain popularity and score political points ahead of the upcoming elections, has proven to be a blunder with severe repercussions for the residents of Sint Maarten.
For nearly three weeks now, the scraped road has been left without pavement, causing immense inconvenience to the residents and businesses in the area. This delay has not only inconvenienced the citizens but has also forced us, the taxpayers, to bear the financial burden of this project twice. Due to the lack of proper planning and foresight, we are now faced with the additional expense of scraping and cleaning the road after rainfall caused further damage and made it impassable.
It is disheartening to witness such amateur mistakes being made by our government, especially when they claim to prioritize good governance and proper planning. This blunder serves as a reminder that certain high positions within the government must be reevaluated before the upcoming election year. It is unacceptable that department heads are running for office and making hasty decisions in an attempt to rush road pavements and claim achievements without considering the long-term consequences.
We, the taxpayers, are left to bear the brunt of these poor decisions. It should not be rocket science to understand that once a road is scraped, it should be promptly paved to avoid inconvenience and financial wastage. Instead, our government seems more interested in signing treaties and donning elegant suits, while crucial issues like this remain unresolved, causing the people of Sint Maarten to suffer continuously.
Furthermore, it is unfortunate to note that funds miraculously appear in the government coffers just months before the election, despite a lack of resources for road paving over the past three years. This pattern raises questions about the government’s true intentions and its commitment to serving the best interests of the people. We, the citizens, are not easily fooled and expect transparency and accountability from our elected officials.
I humbly urge the Ministry of VROMI to address this matter urgently and provide a comprehensive explanation for the delays and blunders that have occurred in the road paving project in Cole Bay. Furthermore, I implore the government to prioritize the needs of the people over political gains and ensure that such mistakes are not repeated in the future.
As a concerned citizen, I believe that it is time for a change. I encourage my fellow residents of Sint Maarten to make a wise decision during the upcoming election and vote for candidates who are committed to serving our community with integrity, transparency, and genuine concern for our well-being.
A Concerned Businessman
Julian Rollocks Jr.