Parent Workshops wrap at Hillside Christian Schools 

School Manager Chananda Rombley-Delaney (center), a new Hillside parent, Mrs. Asha Stevens Mohabier, and Lisa Wilson-Gittens (right), surrounded by proud participants of the 2023 parent  workshops holding their certificates of completion.


Cay Hill, Sint Maarten — On Monday, May 29th, a series of three evenings of parent workshops at Hillside Christian  Schools organized by school managers and care teams were concluded with eighty proud parents of  soon-to-be-students present.

The theme for this year’s workshops, Together We Make A Difference, was picked especially by Mrs. Asha  Stevens-Mohabier, the founder and Chief Executive Director of the school, who will celebrate 50 years of  being an educator next year. “Form a deep connection with your child”, said Stevens as she explained  how important it is to set aside time for children instead of watching TV, playing games, or scrolling on  social media. “The school is an extension of the home. Here, we pray, play and read with them, and they  deserve to be shown the same affection and attention at home. A partnership between you, the parents,  and us, the school, will ensure that every child has a chance at success”, concluded Stevens.  

The keynote speaker for the evening, Drs. Lisa R. Wilson-Gittens, of consulting firm The Listening  Companion, followed Mrs. Stevens by delivering a powerful message about the importance of building  connections with other people. “It takes a village to raise a child”, opened Wilson, and suggested that  parents get to know each other to perhaps be able to help one another out when it comes time for their  young children to start school in August. Wilson’s session was interactive and much appreciated by the  participants of the workshop and Hillside staff members alike.  

As customary at Hillside, every participant received a certificate of appreciation for dedicating their time  to these workshops. Six of the parents won a “Proud Hillside Parent” mug for being able to recite the  different parenting styles and the ABC model of behavior – Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence.  

After the workshop wrapped, the Superintendent of Hillside Christian Schools, Mrs. Blondel Sprott Mussington thanked the parents. ”We appreciate and applaud all of you for being here. On far too many  occasions, I have seen families lose interest in their child, the older he or she gets. Please continue to  show the same interest in your child for their entire educational journey, from start to finish” said Sprott Mussington.