Emmanuel: “I will not permit false narratives, justice system to be weaponised against me”

MP Christophe Emmanuel


~ Says relative physically assaulted in search ~

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — MP Christophe Emmanuel is incensed by yet another deliberate political effort to discredit him, rig an election, and, ultimately, stifle his voice which has been in defense of the people of St. Maarten, telling them the truth and holding the powers that be accountable. And while these actions against his person are frustrating and disruptive to one’s everyday life, his family’s physical mistreatment by justice officials during a house search on Wednesday elevated his feelings from frustration to anger.

He characterized Wednesday’s events as the most recent attempt to shape and control not just false narratives but also representatives of the people of St. Maarten in the legislative branch. “Here we go again. The plot is predictable. We have already seen this film, Emmanuel added.”

He said the Prosecutors Office, RST, and Landsrecherche are mistaken if they believe he will permit them to create and spread false narratives to start his persecution. The MP has stated that he will not obstruct the legal system from carrying out its proper course and cooperate fully, but he will continue to be watchful for the fabrication of stories to support unfounded “suspicions”. He emphasized that his entire tenure as Minister was investigated and all decisions and actions as Minister were already fully covered. Now here comes a next search for his tenure as Minister.

The MP clarified that the alleged “suspicions” drawn from the search warrant indicate that this action is not new, just an extension or continuation of what started before. The timing appears to be driven by reckless and vindictive remarks made on the floor of Parliament during the last few months by members of the current Council of Ministers. While Ministers feel they have immunity on the floor, MP Emmanuel pointed out that the legal system uses what they say and how they say it in an effort to “pick off” members on St. Maarten one at a time. “But just like before, I will stand tall against the storm,” the MP said.

The way his relatives, who are minor children, were treated and impacted throughout the search particularly incensed MP Emmanuel. He related how his adolescent cousin was yanked so hard by the wrist by one of the authorities present, that she had to be taken to the doctor to be checked for a sprained wrist, while the aggressive nature and approach of other officials traumatized his even younger cousin who is currently going through his FBE exams.

“We now have to try and get a reprieve for that child from his exams and their mother, who is beyond angry, has to consider pressing charges for abuse against her girl child. This abuse of power and over-aggressive nature of these people coming into our homes, not considering our family and children is infuriating and downright illegal. If there is anything that shook me to my core it is that. They do not appreciate the negative residual affects they have on our families with their Gestapo tactics,” the MP said.

The board of the NOW Party (Nation Opportunity Wealth) in its statement said that its leader (MP Emmanuel), is fully prepared to fight any battle should it ever come to that. The board said that this is just another example of how the justice system is being weaponized in unprecedented and cunning ways against political opponents to fill an agenda and create a police state rather than maintaining law and order in a democratic country. Justice is not served when it is driven by a political and/or dubious agenda. Families and children are now becoming victims of this charade. The attack on democracy and on our people is clear. It has to stop,” the NOW board said.

“The government had already clearly indicated their intentions to somehow hit back at the only MP who dares to challenge them on their governing term. They cannot intimidate MP Emmanuel into going along to get-along. They cannot silence the MP with threats and innuendo. So their next tactic is to imply that there is new information from an investigation almost eight years ago. This plays right into the hands of justice entities whose mission it is to go after politicians who have no fear in calling out the flaws in the justice system, beginning with the prosecutorial branches.”

The board added that it is very ironic and telling that the Prosecutor’s office has not moved on the accusations of blatant fraud in government, statements that came from a High Council of State, but finds the time and resources to enact a new search based “suspicions” on an investigation concluded and for which the MP was already prosecuted and exonerated. “No one gets away it seems and history is repeating itself once again.”


Searches conducted at residence of a former Minister