The Coast Guard Recruitment Day  



SIMPSONBAY, Sint Maarten — The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard is recruiting. All youngsters between the age of 18 and 25 years,  with the ambition of becoming a Coast Guard officer, are invited to visit the Coast Guard Recruitment  Day. During the upcoming Recruitment Day on April 15, 2023 youngsters can receive useful  information about the Coast Guard, the event will be held between 10AM and 2PM.

The day will start at 10AM with lots of information stands, visitors can visit the cutter Poema and the  Metal Sharks, there will be showcasing of the Coast Guard equipment’s and much more.  

The Coast Guard training, ‘Basis Opleiding Kustwacht’, is a one year training. During the 1 year training new candidates will receive an intensive training in which they will get to be a Coast Guard officer after  finishing the training with good results. The modules of the training includes e.g. a nautical module. In  the nautical module candidates will receive education in navigation, boat boarding, sea legislation and  seamanship. It is a varied training where the students will learn a great number of disciplines.

The  application requirements for new candidates are: a minimum diploma of MAVO-4/VMBO/VSBO TKL/L.T.S./T-stroom/EPI or equivalent to a high school diploma, read and write basic Dutch, have the  Dutch nationality and registered in Sint Maarten, in possession of a swimming diploma, have a good  physical condition, not wear glasses or lenses, no criminal record and have a certificate of good conduct.  All applicants will receive a sport, physiological and medical test. A background check is also part of the  job application.  

If you are interested in becoming a Coast Guard officer you can visit the Coast Guard station Saturday  during this great event. Please bring along your valid I.D., registration form of the Civil Registration and  your diplomas to register at the application booth.