Belair Beach Hotel Leads The Way & Inspires Staff Through Roy Cotton, Jr.’s, I ‘nSPIRE Global Movement



PHILIPSBURG – According to Forbes, “94% of workers are stressed.” In addition, The American Institute of Stress reports that changes in the economy and increased financial concerns translate into pressure at work. 

The American Institute of Stress also states, “Stress due to work, if left untreated, can cause serious mental health problems for employees. There’s a financial burden, too; stress can lead to serious drops in productivity and end up costing a huge amount for both private companies and governments.”

Our sweet St. Martin land, the Caribbean region and many countries around the world are no exception to the aforementioned. In light of these startling statistics, Roy Cotton Jr., visionary, host and producer of the16-year-old radio show Love & Inspiration and visionary of the local and beautifully designed Love & Inspiration wall calendar, launched I ’nSPIRE Wear in October 2022. I ’nSPIRE Wear was created to bring about more positivity, optimism, unity and productivity in the workplace. I ’nSPIRE Wear is designed to inspire individuals, families, organizations, companies and communities so we inspire the world

Through this medium, an organization or company inspires their staff to optimize their work performance and more efficiently achieve the company’s goals and objectives as they aspire to embody the words of their I ’nSPIRE Wear.  

Research has proven that your mindset determines either your success or failure.

Tackling your work day with a positive attitude not only boosts your morale but can result in increased productivity at work and help you start your day with confidence and focus.

With that being said Ms. Edna Evans, director of Belair Beach Hotel on the southern side of 

St. Martin understood the aforementioned research and caught the vision when Roy Cotton Jr. shared it with her in October 2022. 

Ms. Evans immediately recognized that this was another timely opportunity for her staff and the hotel to be part of this great global movement. Belair Beach Hotel has been part of the Love & Inspiration Global Movement as a corporate sponsor since the launch of the beautiful Love & Inspiration wall calendar in 2020 designed to spread love, kindness, peace, hope and inspiration in our homes, workplaces and communities. 

Ms. Evans with her proud and enthusiastic staff  were all dressed in their black colored 

I ’nSPIRE T-shirts on April 4th 2023 ready for their group photoshoot along with Roy Cotton, jr., taken by Loic Bryan of Artistic Drive.

“NOTHING is Impossible. The word itself says I’M POSSIBLE,” by Audrey Hepburn are boldly inscribed on the front of the shirts.

Roy Cotton, Jr. stated: “I felt joy in my heart and was grateful to God to witness a dream come through seeing Belair Beach Hotel’s staff wearing their  I ’nSPIRE Belair Beach Hotel T-shirts. It was also amazing and inspiring to see the security guard at the security booth greet me with his I ’nSPIRE Belair Beach Hotel T-shirts with the words written on the front; “NOTHING is Impossible. The word itself says I’M POSSIBLE.” 

A few of the staff members shared how they felt wearing such powerful inspirational words on the front of their T-shirts. Some of the expressions were “It feels great,” “I feel wonderful” and “It reminds me that nothing is impossible.” 

On the same day of the photoshoot, Cotton led the first of a three-day motivational session with the staff entitled “NOTHING is Impossible. The word itself says I’M POSSIBLE.” 

The participants shared their experiences on how the motivational sessions impacted them and look forward to Cotton conducting powerful sessions with them on a regular basis. 

A participant in Housekeeping shared “Mr. Cotton was very powerful and positive. Love him.”

Another at Front Desk also shared “Thank you Mr. Cotton. You are inspirational. Stay true to your dreams.” 

Another participant in Timesharing stated: “You reminded me who I am. I enjoyed the time. It was also spiritual, that made the difference.”      

In an invited comment, Cotton exclaimed: “It is such a beautiful feeling to know that you have touched the lives of people.”       

The I’ nSPIRE Wear cultivates a positive mindset and attitude, boosts the morale and increases productivity at work amongst the staff. Partners of the I’nSpire global movement are also celebrated and highlighted on Cotton’s well loved and internationally acclaimed radio show, Love & Inspiration

Cotton invites other business owners to join the I’ nSPIRE global movement to inspire themselves, their families, staff, our community and the world, as Belair Beach Hotel has done. 

Cotton thanks God for entrusting him with the vision and thanks his lovely wife Dr. Nicole Erna Mae Francis-Cotton for her continuous support. He also thanks local graphic designer and Managing Director Mr. Gordon Whinfield of Color Rite, who designed the I’nSPIRE logo. 

Feel free to reach out to Roy Cotton Jr on email address or on +1721-524-8731 to discover how you may join the I’ nSPIRE Global Movement. This is a great opportunity to inspire individuals, families, organizations, companies and communities so we inspire the world.