Message from the Democratic Party on International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023.

MP Sarah A. Wescot-Williams


The Democratic Party of Sint Maarten proudly salutes all women on this day of global recognition of the position of women as equal partners in development and sustainable advancement for all humankind.

On days like IWD, we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and we also echo the call for elimination of inequalities, discrimination and prejudices against women and girls, that permeate societies today.

“On days like this, we are most proud of our leader and her steadfastness, never giving up and riding the rough waves of political life, with dignity and poise, a role model for aspiring politicians”.

“When we are able to breakdown the inequalities that women face in their homes, their workplaces and their communities, through understanding the different dimensions that stand in the way of gender equality, only then can we construct the paths of equity”, the DP leader stated. IWD is a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women throughout the world, past and present.

“Our celebrations are through the lenses of the St. Maarten women, all St. Maarten women; the movers, the motivators, the mentors, the caregivers, the teachers, the trailblazers, the workers, the entrepreneurs, the academia, the providers, past and present. And we do so with an awesome responsibility for those who follow in our footsteps.”

“In the pursuit of equity, the non profit leaders on St. Maarten stand head and shoulders above the rest, because they recognize there can be no equality for anyone, if there is no equity for everyone. Equity that promotes good health, education and economic development for all”.

Without fail, the topic of technology comes up as a driver of equality. Without fail, technology as a driver without equity, based on technological gaps analyses, will remain out of reach for those most to benefit and progress from technology, and further away from closing the gaps in digital equality.

As we celebrate the undeniable strides women have made in all sectors and even dominate despite the odds; as we encourage women to use their innate traits of resilience and creativity, leadership and compassion, we must take this time to also reflect on identifying the barriers faced by women right here on this idyllic paradise we call home.

Barriers that obstruct them from being all that they can be as individuals, as proud members of the community and so much more.

Embrace Equity.

Happy International Women’s Day.