Dear Editor,

Last weekend an incident took place in Cole Bay by the intersection in front of the Greens Market supermarket and La Bomba snack, whereas the driver of the black Ford EDGE with number plates P-246, which by the way belongs to the female officer and wife of the Chief of Police, driving recklessly crossed in front of another car containing two men and nearly causing a collision. The SUV stopped in front of La Bomba and the two men in the car scold the driver on his way of driving and continued driving.

The driver of the SUV then took off behind the car and ram the car in the side while overtaking it. The car stopped and the driver and the passenger came out of the car. The driver of the SUV then stopped and reverse itself back into the car. The driver of the car ran back and jumped back into his car. The SUV repeated his action and went back and forth ramming itself into the car a few times. The SUV also bumped itself against another car in its maneuver. The SUV then left the scene.

A few days after I read a Press Release I guess from the Police Force with the heading Road rage is a lose-lose proposition and that the St. Maarten Police Force is investigating a suspected threat/road rage case. The Press Release also mentioned that there was an altercation between those involved. This is incorrect. Neither did the driver of the SUV nor the driver of the car had any physical altercation. As mentioned above, the driver of the SUV used his vehicle to ram it repeatedly into the car, as a mad man.
When the police arrived at the scene, the victims were treated as if they were the culprits.
The Press Release did not mention that any arrest took place.

That is exactly now the question:

  • Doesn’t the incident warrant any arrest?
  • Or is it because the driver of the SUV happens to be the son of the Chief of Police?
  • Is the Public Prosecutor conspiring with the Chief of Police as to not to arrest his son for his criminal act?

It amazes me how tactfully the Press Release is reporting this incident and I guess the same for the many other eyewitnesses. If indeed this insane culprit has not been arrested, I can only conclude that corruption runs deep within this country!

Name withheld
(as I distrust the justice system to expose myself.)