Funds available for cultural participation in the Dutch slavery memorial year

Robin van Lonkhuijsen/ ANP/ AFP)


Do you have a plan for a project that contributes to commemorating and celebrating the abolition of slavery in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and/or increasing knowledge and awareness of the history of slavery? Are you an individual, professional or culture creator who, in your free time, actively participates in activities in the area of cultural participation or cultural education?

If so, you may be eligible for a contribution from the Fund for Cultural Participation’s ‘Dutch Slavery Past Memorial Year’ scheme.

Historic involvement in slavery is a very painful, significant, and – until recently – underexposed part of our shared history. For a whole year, extra attention will be paid to this history throughout the Kingdom: the Slavery Memorial Year will run from 1 July 2023 to 1 July 2024.

June and July 2023 will mark the grand opening of the Slavery Memorial Year across the Kingdom, and July 2024 will mark its close. Through this memorial year, the Government of the Netherlands hopes to contribute to permanently increasing knowledge and interconnectivity within society.

In addition, the Dutch Cabinet will make two million euros available for the organisation of activities during Slavery Memorial Year by, for example, community organisations and cultural institutions. This will enable larger institutions and small local initiatives or individuals alike to apply for funding to organise social and/or cultural activities. This will be conducted through two cultural funds: The Mondrian Fund and the Cultural Participation Fund.

On the 3rd of March Dyonna Benett, the subsidy coordinator of the Fund for Cultural Participation will give a presentation about the subsidy scheme. 

The subsidy scheme is especially for applicants and communities in Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands, who have a direct link with the slavery past. 

Within the subsidy scheme of the Fund for Cultural Participation, the focus is on participatory activities where participants are actively involved. This subsidy is for initiatives wherein aspects of history and slavery are brought to the fore, that create educational material, stimulate healing processes or set up (international) cooperation between institutions.

NPower and the Cultural Participation Fund invite anyone who has an idea or project with the aim of raising awareness of the slavery past to register for one of the information sessions on Friday March 3rd to learn more about this funding opportunity. Registration for this free meeting can be done via

Session 1 will be held from 4:00-5:30 pm and session 2 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
The information sessions will be held at the R4CR/Samenwerkenden Fondsen office at the A.T. Illidge Road 60, Unit 1.1. (Former WIB branch on Illidge road)