Chaos, tear gas and protesters in the demonstration storms Suriname parliament building 



Text and image Valerie Fris
Source (Link in Dutch):

PARAMARIBO — The protest demonstrations, announced well in advance, on Independence Square against the government’s austerity policies, turned into complete chaos. There is even talk of storming the building of the National Assembly. Windows were smashed with stones. Police used tear gas to push back the attackers. Warning shots were also fired.

After tear gas was thrown by the police, the sound truck on which activist and organizer of the demonstration Stefano “Pakittow” Biervliet was standing left. Because it was not clear whether shots were fired, the crowd ran towards the Waterkant.

Tear gas has been fired several times, but that only causes even more heated activists. They respond to this action by the police by throwing stones at the building of the National Assembly. Vandalism has been done to the building and the ATM machine in front of it.

Ook journalisten zijn door demonstranten verbaal en lijfelijk zijn gemolesteerd. Er heerst momenteel chaos op Onafhankelijkheidsplein, want demonstranten komen terug. Naast agenten zijn ook de mobiele eenheid en leger aanwezig op het plein en helikopters cirkelen erboven. Er zijn zo’n duizend protesteerders op de been.