To Motion or not to Motion……

Christopher Wever
Listening to a radio interview yesterday from a current member of parliament and hearing that there is a draft motion in place from a current coalition member to fire a sitting Minister raises some questions.
1. Who drafted this motion and which minister is this member of the coalition looking to fire?
2. Who from the coalition supports this motion? (As I find it hard to believe that one would take the effort to draft a motion without the support of at least 2 or 3 other members. )
3. Is this motion being used as a tool to ensure certain promises are being kept?
4. How strong is this current coalition, and is this motion the glue to ensure it continues or not?
Listening to this also made me think of a tender which took place 2-3 months ago for the district cleaning. All the companies submitted their bids but up to this present moment none of the companies have been awarded the contracts. We can see the effects of this when driving through the different districts. Seeing the delay in awarding these bids, it can make one wonder if there is any correlation between the motion (which I understood was drafted sometime at the ending of 2022) and the delay of the awarding of these contracts…..I hope that this is not the case and that there is a valid reason for this delay.
Once again we have gone from a coalition of 10 to 8 for the sake of stability, but at what cost?
In conclusion we will wait to see if the Member of Parliament will decide to Motion or not to Motion, as that is the question.
By: Christopher Wever