This country is in serious trouble

Elvis Flanders

When government is going to terminate part of a sporting facility namely the swimming pool, and a basketball court to construct government offices, it simply means they never meant what they’ve been saying during their campaigns about how important our youths are. They’re not giving them any opportunity to, not only become something, but neither can they ever do well when participating locally or abroad in representing this country athletically in any sport.

The swimming pool at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex is more important to our youths than they can imagine. It is and should be protected for aquatics and not be destroyed. There are many other places that they can build any SZV building or any other institution for government. Those kids do not deserve to be disrespected like this as if they are nothing in this country. There is still time to change their minds and construct that institution somewhere else.

Let me give our government a bit of advice, because if I didn’t do that it would only make me a critic, and not be able to give any positive solution to what is going on here. Government has a plan in place to reconstruct where the old Post Office building was. Whereas that same building could be built in town where they want to develop, which would look even more official than eliminating part of our sports complex to build an SZV building in that area,

I am even more ashamed of these politicians for making such foolish decisions rather than making better choices, instead of depriving our youths of any opportunity to allow them to grow. If they want to show the youths that they are really trying to help them, they should upgrade the Aquatics Center right in that area to encourage even more of our youths and open another avenue for them.

This country has so much potential, with little resources. Imagine if we had more and better facilities for them to really grow in any sport. It is high time for you, our officials, do what you are elected to do. That is be real leaders and not puppets and making fun of this beautiful, wonderful country St. Maarten. So much that can be done, but all that is happening is that you all are fighting a war against each other instead of creating better opportunities for the people of St. Maarten.

It must stop. 

To the people of this country I say, please stop saying, next election it will be different. Stop allowing yourselves to be fooled, and bought for pennies, when you are worth way more than that. The only one who can make a real difference is you and only you. By voting different. Otherwise, nothing will ever change.


Elvis Flanders