The Golden Decolonization Question for the Government, Parliament, and State Secretary



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In February of 2018, the Dutch State declared in paragraph 2.2 of its Written Statement to the International Court of Justice that “…. it must also be concluded that the decisions on the political status and the economic, social and cultural development are made by the people itself, or its legitimate representatives, not by others. Moreover, such decisions shall be made in full freedom, without any outside pressure or interference.”

Based on the Dutch State’s affirmation regarding decisions being made “in full freedom, without any outside pressure or interference”, Pro Soualiga kindly seeks clarification to the following GOLDEN question from the State Secretary, Government, and Parliament of St. Maarten:

If, as The Kingdom of the Netherlands insists, the right of self-determination is a peremptory or “jus cogens” norm from which there is no deviation and, decisions about political, social, economic and cultural policy are made by the people themselves or, their legitimate representatives, not others and, furthermore, they do so without any outside pressure or interference, what lawful purpose does Article 2.2, 44, 50 and 51 of the Kingdom Charter serve?

Article 2.2 concerns the appointment of Governors, while article 44 stipulates that Sint Maarten cannot change its constitution or legal system without prior approval from the Dutch State. Articles 50 and 51 allow the Dutch State to impose higher supervision on St. Maarten.

We kindly urge our Prime Minister not to allow the Secretary of State to depart Sint Maarten, without addressing that question.