The CBCS Rejects False Allegations by Nina Ansary



WILLEMSTAD/PHILIPSBURG – The Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (CBCS) has taken note of the coverage given in various media outlets to statements made by Nina
Ansary, which the CBCS completely rejects.

It is remarkable that Nina Ansary resorts to untrue and slanderous allegations against countries, administrative bodies of the Kingdom and officials involved in the Ennia case. In doing so, like her father, she presents herself as a benefactor to society. This is despite the fact that an independent court of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has found her, as is the case with her father, guilty of wrongful acts against Ennia and its policyholders, ordering her too to pay damages in excess of NAf. 945 million as a result. Independent judges in the US have also ruled in favor of Ennia, represented by the CBCS.

Her statements with regard to the sale of Banco di Caribe, formerly part of the Ennia Group, are not in accord with reality and defamatory. The mentioned sale was carried out following a professional and diligent effort by the CBCS, assisted by internationally renowned firms from the Netherlands and the United States. Furthermore, there are no pending departures of any senior CBCS officials.

The CBCS will continue to focus on the heart of the matter, which is to recover the damages caused by the Ansarys et al., in the interest of Ennia’s policyholders.