Dear Editor,

Permit me to express myself publicly to an act that I consider a blatant abuse and the inconsistency of our justice system.

In the article publicized in the media houses under the title, “Police are currently investigating an incident at the A.C Wathey Cruise facilities”, pertaining to an incident that occurred on January 4, 2023 involving a fight that had taken place between a security guard and a tourist.

The article states that the guard was detained for further investigation following consultation with the prosecutor. The cause for the fight is so far not clear. So, if the cause is not clear, then why the arrest of the guard?

Seemingly, the media house did not carry its own investigation as to what exactly transpired. But, apparently, the tourist spit on the guard when the guard in the execution of his tasks, requested him to remove himself from a restricted area. In the video footage that gone viral on social media, the guard is seen alone within a group of men, tourists, who also have tried to throw him in the sea.

How come there isn’t any official report of the incident from the Port itself? Isn’t it that the Port should submit its report to the Police?

That our economy is strongly depended of tourism is a fact. And that the tourist is King could be factual fantasy. But but but, there are limits to that. Because if anybody, tourist or not, spit on me, that person can expect an impulsive reaction from my part. There have been many incidents lately whereby lady justice seems no longer to be blind.

I want to remind you of an incident whereby a tourist hold a guy in a chokehold in Oyster Pond. The victim passed away but the tourist was not arrested.

There was another car accident whereby a tourist made a U-turn on the road causing the dead of a young police officer on his bike on his way to work. The tourist was not arrested.
There was an incident in the area of Cole Bay roundabout where an man of Asian decent got out of his vehicle and attacked the drivers of the other cars involved in an car accident. He had some kind of weapon in his hand. He was a restaurant owner and he was not arrested.

There was another recent incident whereby an Asian businessman attacked a man on the ground after he followed him with his vehicle in high speed and beat the victim while the victim was on the ground. The businessman was not arrested.

But when two scooter riders come of their scooter and pushed the driver of a vehicle that was the cause of an accident, the police arrested those two scooter riders.
Our Police will use sirens to chase scooter riders, even causing them their death, but refrain from chasing the group of Harley Davidson riders riding without helmets; they are allowed to ride without any helmet. It is class justice and/or racism.

This makes me wonder why should we entertain the talks about abolishing slavery, when we sit quietly and accept the BullShit in our justice system and of our prosecutors that clearly show that they are biased, not to say racist.

Suzy Down the Road.