Convicted businessmen, political figures not 1st choice to start serving time



~ Former Police Officer who is very sick is ordered to start sitting his sentence ~

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Thursday, January 12, 2023, early in the morning hours, news reached our media house that ex-police detective Jerry Gerardus’ home was visited by no less than 3 police patrols.

Apparently, they were there to take him to Pointe Blanche prison to sit his time after he failed to report on the day the Prosecutor’s Office told him.

Our newsroom understood from a source, Gerardus’ lawyer did send a formal letter to the Prosecutor requesting a postponement due to his client’s illness, which required that he leave the island to have surgery performed on his back.

As some persons might recall, Gerardus was sentenced by the Court of First Instance and subsequently by the Court of Appeal on several criminal charges.

What is bothersome to some family and friends is, what is the rush? Yes, he will have to serve his time at some point. Due to Gerardus’ health issues, he has travel to Curaçao Panama and Colombia for medical reasons. However, he always returned to Sint Maarten. This shows that he is not a flight risk, who might flee from justice. Presently, Gerardus is fighting a bigger battle with his health issues.

However, the Prosecutor’s Office finds it fit to make him do his time starting from Thursday January 12, 2023.

In the meantime, we all know of many others who have also been sentenced and are waiting to do their time. Why then is the Prosecutor’s Office solely focused on a badly sick person, instead of focusing on the number of convicted businessmen, political figures, and others, who rightly deserve to start serving their time now? They are well known to everyone.

In this case, it seems that “Lady Justice” is not blind, but removed her blindfold and has her eyes wide open.