USP calls for Kingdom Council of Ministers intervention

Pamela Gordon - Carty, leader of the United St. Maarten Party


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The United Sint Maarten Party (USP) wrote to the Central Voting Bureau, and copy confirmed (CC) the Council of Ministers, the Parliament of Sint Maarten, and the Electoral Council, about the ongoing non-representation of the USP in Parliament.

Based on the answer received on Monday, December 5, 2022, the USP decided to proceed with requesting that the Kingdom Council of Ministers (Rijksministerraad – RMR) weigh-in on this matter.

A letter awaiting a response from the chair of Central Voting Bureau Mrs. Nathalie Tackling, was put on a hold pending receipt of an answer. Now that this has been received, said letter will be sent to the RMR requesting official intervention, as this matter needs a speedy resolution.

Based on the 2020 election results, the USP gained 2 seats, which are presently unoccupied by the USP (in Parliament). Meanwhile, an expelled MP is unlawfully signing off on issues, as representative of the USP. These decisions are being made without authorization of the USP, which had previously severed ties with said MP.

Independent Members of Parliament do not represent a party, with no pathway by the constitution to occupy a seat in Parliament, therefore are not entitled to participate in the formation of a coalition. It’s against our electoral voting principles. USP cannot be held liable for any unlawful signing of documents without their consent.

To this effect, an official letter was sent on November 4, 2022 to the Central Voting Bureau seeking clarification. USP has consistently proven that it wants to follow the correct course of action, and is now seeking intervention from the Kingdom Council of Ministers to set this matter straight, or consider court proceedings as a possible solution.