The United St. Maarten Party Introduces its New Logo for Election Cycle 2023



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The United St. Maarten Party under the leadership of Mrs. Pamela Gordon-Carty introduced its new logo and party slogan “Breaking the Cycle” for the election campaign scheduled to be held in 2023. The party moved up its rebranding plans which was scheduled for its 10 year anniversary in 2024 to coincide with the current electoral of 2023.

“We have always championed ourselves as solution orientated with practical and strategic plans that can transform the country and move it forward,” said President Mr. Cecil Nicholas.
The party has been extremely active despite not having the representation of the 2 seats awarded to them in parliament. They have hosted panel discussion with political and nonpolitical representatives of different islands and submitted 3 law amendments to parliament for debate. “We are the party that has proven through our action that we are capable of transforming and enhancing the social status of our society through legally based solutions that will bring about positive changes in country St. Maarten,” said leader of the US Party Mrs. Pamela Gordon-Carty.

The country has been faced with many challenges since the passing of Hurricane Irma and the COVID 19 Pandemic. Ballooning debt and slow paced reconstruction of strategically important institutions like the airport, hospital, schools, sports facilities and affordable housing have been the focus of the strategic plans put together by the US party. These plans include targeted goals intended to positively impact the social, economic, and humanitarian affairs of the country. “Our plans are achievable, necessary, and realistic; based on our goal of achieving full independence for country St. Maarten,” said Gordon-Carty.

The new logo is a collage of the party’s traditional blue colored first initial of each letter in the name United St. Maarten Party, pierced by a yellow arrow embedded with their new slogan ‘Breaking the Cycle.’

“The arrow through the logo highlighting our new slogan is reflective of the party’s infinite plan of continuously producing highly educated citizens on all levels in their respected fields; giving them the ability to produce and contribute to the sustainable realty of a positively transforming society based on our road map of the future,” continued Gordon-Carty.

The party leader envisions an environment where the country’s citizens are better recognized and rewarded for being productive, paving the way for the younger generations to have more avenues to entrepreneurship, business development and career opportunities. A country where children are surrounded and protected by their community without fear and justice is balanced and fairly applied.

Pamela Gordon-Carty, Leader of the United St. Maarten Party (USP)

“A season of transparency in plans, laws, direction and the execution thereof must become the norm in St. Maarten in order to instill a sense of hope and confidence in our people that elected leaders can be the embodiment of the resiliency and toughest that generations of St. Maarten people have displayed and continue to display. The word resilience must not be used as tool or phrase that highlights the strength of our people without being reflected in the toughness of leaders elected to fight for and champion their wellbeing,” stated Nicholas.

Change, success, growth and improvements in all aspects were topics the party and its candidates have been having with the public during their contact meetings and walks through the neighborhoods. Taking into account all the ongoing issues facing the country; the ability to formulate effective solutions will be the challenge in the next governing cycle.

The new leader of USP confidently claimed that her team is ready for the challenge. She professed innovative leadership and a new refreshed team with practical ideas reinforced by regional strategic partnerships, as the way forward for country St. Maarten. “We must be goal orientated with no prejudice and no excuses in our pursuit of achieving better for the people of country St. Maarten,” added Gordon-Carty.

“Surviving in isolation is counterproductive; in a world where the byproduct of partnerships and strategic alliances result in positive growth. We must strive to be a part of innovative conversations outside our borders” echoed Nicholas.
USP plans include a cleansing in every aspect; educationally, socially, economically, and emotionally, in order to create a proper balance for the execution and implementation of its plans.

“I am a leader that is not afraid to stand up for the people of this country, and I am assembling a team of likeminded individuals to ‘Break the Cycle’ of mediocracy and failed leadership that has stagnated the country. A total transformation is on its way,” concluded Gordon-Carty.