N.A.P.B. 2023 New Year’s message to it’s members

Inspector Rogerrel Mauricia President of the N.A.P.B.


Allow the N.A.P.B. to first gave some much update, that is needed to its members, the community in General and the media outlets.

The dynamic board has taken notes of so much sad incidents that are taking places lately to its members. These sadly events end up that our members are getting caught up in wrongdoings, which the board absolutely do not support. We condone these actions and wrongdoings.

The NAPB, would want to make a statement, not to defend the acts of wrongdoings but to explain the situations of its members. The story of its members is already worldwide known. So going back to explain makes at this moment, no added value. Off course NAPB, again cannot justify their actions, but we have their back 100%, to a due process. I would like to add that our members in these Justice Organization, as KPSM, Immigration are not corrupt, but it is the circumstances that we are at this present moment and experience now, is leading the weak ones or the ones that are becoming hopeless, to get caught up in these acts of wrongdoings. The fear that are being created by the leaders of each of these Organization into the members, knowing their suffering, most of the time, lead that it resorts in unnecessary sick leave calls, as a form of protest and fatigue.

Imagine a understaff Immigration personnel at the airport. Some weeks ago, in the CCSU, meeting the members of this prestigious platform, together with the Honorable Minister of Justice finalized, the put the final touch, on our Rechts Positie Besluit for the Federal Detectives, members of the Immigration, Border personnel and Mobile Unit and the KPSM. We are reaching to finalization in order to better the members their future. The NAPB, hereby will publicly thank the members of the CCSU, for their support. And yes, as each day going by, it feels like a years. But my pledge, my humble request to my members, let we exercise the much-needed patience, for now. Everything appears soon to be over. The Community already start or are losing the confident in the Justice system. And I do understand the Community.

We as organization and as individual working in the Justice system, have a huge damage control to do. And trust me it will not be easy, but it can be done. And it is very sad, if the community that paid our salary, and is willing to adjust our salary, in order to be serve and protect, is losing the trust in the justice system. But to my community also I, as president of the NAPB, I plead with you to understand our situation. I know that within this lovely community, must have one of you that have a family member, son, daughter, cousin, niece nephew, that works for these Organization, and know their situation. I plead you all to be there for them. I plead with you to assist them, if you notice something wrong.

To my colleagues at the KPSM, I am telling you, Sint Maarten need you. Your Union need you. I as president need you to continue serve and protect this community. This community has done nothing wrong done to us and so far, support us to get what owe to us. So, it is time for us to continue do, what we called for. We are the pride of the Caribbean; I dare to say this. With all our issues outside our reached. We always get the job done and nobody knows, how we get it done, with our little resources.

I know that when our salary is adjusted is still will not be enough and valued the same way it has to be 12 years ago. Because a hundred guilders bill is not worth, what it worth 12 years ago. Your gas tank that you use to fill a couple years ago, with 50 guilders, is now 150 guilders. It is just not fair.

But let we be great and thankful that we do have a job. Like I always said, we will prevail. This statement, our issues are not just about the money. It is about the self-respect, moral and value of each of us as individual in these Organization, that are not being adhere to, by our leaders. There are more issues, then money alone. But together with our members we will slowly but surely overcome these issues.

Our job is so unfair that we hardly get a 2nd chance. Everyone agreed that must allowed someone that was involve in a wrongdoing, when they repent, to allow them a 2nd chance. I am also of the opinion with that statement. Nobody is perfect. I am once more appealing to our leaders to stand up for your workers. Without them you are nobody. In order to adhere to our commitment to improved communication, the board of the NAPB sees the need to address these issues, that has been bother us, the community and its members.

We will continue works in the interest of its members, improving communication among its stakeholders, the Ministry of Justice and its members. Those hiccups we are busy improving. While others receiving, they well deserve holidays, off we will continue 24/7 to ensure their safety and security. We will do like always, our outmost best, with the little resources at our disposal to guarantee just that.

In closing I will leave you with this message:
I know you’ re frustrated. I know you’ re becoming delusional. But the rush and look for shortcuts will only bring ruin. Discipline, moderation and positive thoughts are the pillars of a stable mind. Do not forget, you rather count on GOD instead of people. For GOD’ help is always nearer than the door. Do have a very and happy Merry Christmas and joyfully happy new year 2023. The board of the NAPB, will be also sharing their appreciation gift, for all its members by Christmas. This is one of the ways we show the gratitude towards our members and continue to add to our motivation.

R.E. Mauricia
The NAPB President