MP Emmanuel: Shadow group running Government without coalition accord

Member of Parliament Christophe Emmanuel


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Independent Member of Parliament Christophe Emmanuel on Sunday asked the general public to consider the complete disrespect of the current rogue “government” that refuses to provide information about the 8-member Parliamentary support it says it enjoys in Parliament. “I guess we are left to conclude that a shadow group is running this government,” he said.

Emmanuel reminded the public that to date neither the government of St. Maarten nor their “so called support” in Parliament has presented one shred of documentation to show who are the members of Parliament that officially supports the sitting government. “Who is the new coalition?” Emmanuel asked.

“This is utter disrespect to Parliament and to the people of St. Maarten. Some MP’s have chosen to get up in Parliament and declare they have a new coalition and to date cannot produce a new coalition accord with signatures. In a time when there are many firsts for this government, this is a historic first. To carry on as if this is ethical is insulting. This is a serious lack of integrity and a slap to the people,” Emmanuel said.

The MP also went on to question the role of the governor and integrity chamber in what he said he can only describe as a farce.

“Was the governor presented with a new government accord? Does the Integrity Chamber think this is integer of the Government and some MPs in Parliament? How can or will any form of competent governing be executed in this country when apparently you have a government for sale, waiting on its puppet masters to tell them when to jump. Apparently we are being government by a “government’ with shadow support. In the absence of anything else, what else are we left to conclude?” The MP asked.