There was a kickoff of the Cops & and Kids program in Sister Regina Prima elementary schools on Wednesday morning, November 2, 2022.



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The program, which consists of five (5) modules, will be condensed this school year due to the program’s late start.

The value of the Cops & Kids program is multi-tiered as both the CPOs and the students will be getting to know each other past being “a face in the crowd”. Both groups may have opinions about each other based on what has been rumored by others. This program will allow them to get to know each other “for themselves” and separate truth from opinion.

During this school year, community officers will be conducting three of the five components of the program, namely the “One-on-One, life facts and the sports day.

This component of the program allows students two weeks to write down questions, anonymous if they wish, of interest about the CPOs, what they do, their work, lives and everything in general. “The life Facts” part of this program is a comprehensive behavior change approach that concentrates on the development of the skills needed for life such as communication, decision-making, critical thinking.

Sports Day
This Sports Day program differs from that which is offered by schools in such that this program creates an environment for schools to compete against each other. Sportsmanship and establishing positive interrelationships between schools is the focus.
All components of the Cops & Kids program are tailored for the students in primary schools. The program is a living example and is adaptable to the students in schools. It can grow along with our students and what they learn throughout the program can serve them well when they choose how they will be formed