Seeing the videos and pictures from yesterday, it leaves me with the following question.



Christopher Wever

-What is the current status of the trench cleaning bidding process?
-Are we once again playing games with the well-being of our citizens in order to benefit a few?

Delaying the trench cleaning bidding process in order to keep using “Emergency works” to justify any works for any contractor is a dangerous game.
Once again we are putting the needs of a few above the greater good for all.

We often preach about accountability but when we have to hold our own accountable we are not able.

We hear our “Leaders” state that we have to ensure political maturity but when they have the opportunity to show the nation “political maturity” they fail once again, not because they don’t know how to do it but because the personal gain outweighs the needs of all.

We have recently witnessed the Former UK Prime Minister resign after 6 weeks in office due to  a “failed budget”.  This is what is called showing political maturity for the benefit of an entire nation. Yet we continue to play games with our people and expecting the outside world to respect us and take our leadership serious.

#RealChange #PeopleFirst #ItIsWritten

Written by: Christopher Wever