N.V. GEBE Conducts Streetlight Repairs and Maintenance



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In the ongoing effort to optimize electricity services to the community of St. Maarten, NV GEBE has stepped up repairs of defective and malfunctioning streetlights. Over the past few months, N.V. GEBE’s Distribution Department has been working on the streetlight management system, which includes removing any glitches within the system in order to allow the network to function as efficiently as possible. The upgrade of this system enables the streetlights to function optimally and effectively. During the system upgrades, certain areas may experience the streetlights being lit later than usual.

While the vast majority of streetlights across the island are in working condition, NV GEBE understands that customers are eager to have the remaining non-functioning streetlights repaired. With that in mind, NV GEBE assures the community that they are working diligently to expedite the repair jobs on streetlights, among other critical services.

During the year 2022, NV GEBE has successfully repaired and installed 500+ LED lights island-wide to help maintain general safety standards in accordance with the Streetlight Management Agreement signed in 2021 between the Ministry of VROMI and N.V. GEBE.

Although the Management System and the repairing of lights are separate, the Management System has been established to monitor the streetlight grid related to the (mal)functioning of streetlights, as well as other areas of service. Currently, there are 700+ fixtures connected to the Management System, which will be expanding until all streetlights are fully connected.

The work schedule for 2022 – 2023 involves repairs being carried out in several communities, including, but not limited to, the following areas:
St. Peters
South Reward
Cay Hill
The entire Western side of the island

N.V. GEBE remains committed to improving the quality of service and operational efficiency throughout the community of St. Maarten.