MP George Pantophlet: Irresponsible behavior

George Pantophlet


There is no plausible argument for the irresponsible behavior displayed on Monday November 7, 2022 by the so called representatives of the people of St. Maarten who were present but did not sign in to allow the meeting to discuss the “Unity Flag” to be held. It is an insult to the persons who were present and more so an act of self above country when it comes to the people of St. Maarten both North and Southern side.

To add insult to injury, when it was decided to hold an informal meeting or gathering these perpetrators decided to attend and some even took pictures which is total hypocrisy. Interesting was prior to the picture taking, the leader of the UD asked for the floor to say something after the informal meeting was closed. What did she want say that could not have been said had she signed in for the official meeting? After the Chairman MP William Marlin close the meeting she continued speaking. Subsequently the microphone was switched off.

This is quite normal since the meeting was closed and the member was already told that she did not have the word. Later that afternoon when the meeting was to be held to discuss the standardization of the top income earners a condition required by the Dutch government for liquidity support the same behavior was repeated. I want to remind the public that the Parliament consist of 15 members. Nowhere in the rules of order does it mention that a coalition has to form the majority to convene a meeting.

Article 34 of the rules of order states and I quote;
1. Each member signs upon entering the meeting the attendance list that is kept by the Clerk;
2. As soon as the attendance list is signed by at least half plus one, (not a coalition member, not a member of a particular party) the president opens the meeting. Said list remains at the table of the Clerk for signing by members arriving later end of quote. There were more than 8 members present but the opposition decided not to sign the attendance list.

When I said to the independent Member who seems to have created a slogan, “the worst government ever’ to sign in, his response was “where is your 8, I told him this is no time for politics, he then repeated where is your 8 so the unity meant nothing to him.

Question, Is the opposition saying that we should only call meetings when the 8 coalition members are present? What about when they (the opposition) request meetings? What will be said if we decide not to give the quorum? These are childish games that are played with the people of St. Maarten.

Let me be plain, Once you have taken the oath of office you represent the people of St. Maarten, not a party or your own selfish political agenda. What is interesting is that the youngest party promised to do things differently but have been bitten by the bug. wie met pek omgaat wordt erdoor besmet. Are these the future leaders? Irresponsible behavior.