Cabinet of the Governor: Inaccurate article in The Daily Herald



Harbour View – The Cabinet of the Governor of Sint Maarten hereby makes the following announcement.

The article published in The Daily Herald on Wednesday November 16th, 2022 “All children born in St. Maarten eligible for Dutch nationality after three years” is inaccurate.  

The manual based on the Kingdom law for acquisition of Dutch citizenship has indeed recently been amended. However, there is no reference to a new or amended category regarding minors with three consecutive years of legal residence on the island of Sint Maarten or within the Dutch Kingdom. 

This amendment of the manual contains improvements and clarifications of existing policies, editorial changes, and processing of case law. 

For general information regarding the processes for obtaining Dutch citizenship and the requirements, applicants can contact the Consular Department of the Cabinet of the Government of Sint Maarten (by telephone or during walk in hours) or visit the website of the Government of the Netherlands: