Addisson Boston will be contesting the 2023 election as a USP Candidate

Addisson Boston


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Monday, November 21st 2022, the United Sint Maarten Party announced that they have accepted the request of Mr. Addisson Boston to be a member and candidate on their list for the upcoming election 2023.

Mr. Boston, a young professional with a stellar track record who is also a business man hales from the district of Dutch Quarter.

“The district of Dutch Quarter is one of the most diverse district in St. Maarten. It has produced some of St. Maarten finest athletes that have represented St. Maarten on high levels in a variety of sports. We have produced entrepreneurs, top scholars and a few productive and influential politicians,” said Boston.

Dutch quarter one of the biggest voting districts has always been a topic of discussion and demands the attention of many individual politicians each and every election cycle. Residents of the district have been faced with infrastructure issues for some time. The haphazard condition of the main road has been a major topic of discussion since 2016 when the EU funded sewer, drainage and beautification project was supposed to commence. The 18 months long project finally commenced in 2018, but was never completed because of over runs and litigation between the contractors and government for non-payment of work completed. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has had its challenges as well, which were exacerbated by hurricane Irma in 2017, to date work is still ongoing at the school.

“DQ is abandoned by our elected officials after every election, promises made are not promises kept. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr School, such an iconic name, where most of our current and past residents got a primary education has always been saddled with structural issues solved with patch work just like our main road. But we are a strong and resilient people, and our entrepreneurial spirit speaks for itself with little or no help from government. I want to express my gratitude to the teachers for their commitment to keeping smiles on students’ faces over the years and for their positive and encouraging attitude towards the students keeping them motivated despite the terrible condition of the buildings and school environment,” lamented Boston.

The district has a community center and a basketball court all within walking distance from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School. Mr. Boston would like to see more emphasis placed expanding sports facilities and funding to the center for proper programs that can assist the youths keeping them focused on the positive things that life has to offer through discipline, hard work and dedication.

“I truly believe that Dutch Quarter is a reflection of many neighborhoods on the island and I believe in my heart that more can and should be done. Improved living conditions now and for future generations should not be an empty campaign promise; it should be demonstrated with work and life changing actions. I am postulating myself in the upcoming election on US party list to make that difference,” stated Boston.

Party president Mr. Cecil Nicholas expressed enthusiasm that Mr. Boston love for his community and country is exactly the motivating factors that we need in our future elected officials.  “We are happy to have Mr. Addison Boston as part of the USP family; he is a perfect fit to our team. Our goal for a better stronger and even more resilient St. Maarten remains undeterred. Our focus over the past year has been on improving laws in an effort to break the cycle of abuse on all levels and his addition to our team enhances our ability to achieve that goal based on his life and professional experience.”

Party leader Pamela Gordon-Carty in closing added “Country St. Maarten needs direction and dedication to impact change that will improve the lives and lively-hood of its people.  USP will reestablish a solid foundation for country St. Maarten with capable individuals who display the qualities exemplified by Mr. Boston in his work and his daily life. He is a living example of what is possible through hard work and dedication, and those qualities are what we need to set a new pace and move the country forward to a brighter future,” concluded Gordon-Carty.

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