MP Arrindell requests VROMI minister attention to get road repairs under way and not to await season to kick and then start.



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — MP Arrindell queried the current situation where it concerns Road Repairs and Resurfacing. Earlier in the year MP Brison and myself freed up additional funds from Budget 2022 to assist Ministry of Vromi with additional funding for URGENT Road Works to be done. It has now been more than 6 months later and other than the “temporary” repairs done at Cay Bay entrance nothing else has really been completed or attempted to be repaired.

Daily small cracks are becoming small potholes, which eventually are now turning to huge holes in our roadways. Many of the holes are completely unavoidable and becoming a serious safety concern and something must be done sooner than later as the wait has already been far too long. When it rains many of these potholes are not easily visible and cause a serious threat as well as unnecessary expense to our taxpayers for repairs needed due to damages and access wear/tear to their vehicles due to this. In evening hours, the effected roads pose an even worse threat as many of areas are not properly lit due to no proper Street Lights.

Main Areas of Concern:

  • Pondfill Road
  • Cannegieter Street
  • Arch Road
  • Union Road
  • Cay Bay Entrance and surrounding
  • Welfare Road
  • Orange Grove Road
  • Well Road
  • Wellington Road
  • Airport Road
  • Beacon Hill Road

The above are just a few of main areas of concern as there are many other areas within the community that need repairs, and the these mentioned are just the obvious ones which are along main roads of island used frequently by both Visitors and Residents alike.

Another serious concern are the damages done to Guard Rails along roadways which are left damaged and not repaired for continued safety of road users, which one main area that this is visible is Airport Road where almost every 100ft the rails are damaged. Are we holding those who damage these rails responsible? Are insurance companies being billed for these damages as every vehicle on the road has at least a 3rd party insurance which covers damages done to 3rd party property which should include Government property.

As Member of Parliament my responsibility lays with the People of Sint Maarten and thus need attention to the above matters Post Haste as it has now been put off for far too long.

Ministwr Doran was also informed that if there are issues stopping this from being done that he invites him to visit the Floor of Parliament to give clarification on what exactly is hindering the Ministry from completing this task.

Mp Arrindell stated that the trend of beginning repairs when our Hi Season with Tourism begins should also be strayed away from and thus the Concern and stress on URGENCY of these repairs.

In closing the MP reminded the Ministry to stay ahead of the game by starting to be more Pro Active with approach to these matters.