Dutch Sint Maarten Taxis Association not in favour with issuing 40 new taxis permits



There is word out that the Council of Minister (COM) will be lifting the moratorium on taxi permits. Supposedly, 40 taxis permits will be issued. The Dutch Sint Maarten Taxis Association (DSTA) We’d like to publicly state that we are not in favour of the Council of Minister / Minister of T.E.A.T. doing so without the reinstatement of the Steering Committee.

As regular participants in our main economy, we can first handedly determine that the current state of our island’s main economy does not support a demand for more taxis. Although we may see numbers within the millions, this does give an adequate projection on visitor expenditure within the cruise sector.

Unfortunately, the public transportation sector has been turned into a playing field for political leverage, government personnel’s personal interests and clouded judgement due to greed. These persons do not see the negative impact their personal interests are having on the tourism industry, and the island’s main source of income.

St. Maarten may be the only place in the world where an island ambassador does not have to know anything about the very island they are an ambassador of.

We are kindly asking that the messy pile that has been created over the years does not grow into an even messier situation, where the trickle down effects compromises the island in its entirety.

The mess must first be cleaned before we can invite others in.

We hope that the Council of Minister (COM) / Honorable Minister of T.E.A.T. does their best to work in the interest of the people of Sint Maarten.

Maya Friday
President of