Department of Legal Affairs hosted lecture on Mediation



Philipsburg – The Department of Legal Affairs & Legislation hosted lectures and workshops on the topic of Mediation, focusing on such mediation skills as: active listening, asking open questions, questioning and postponing of your judgment.

The workshop was held on Thursday, October 6, 2022 in the Conference room 1 of the Government Administration Building, where there was attendants from different of areas of the Government and the High Councils of State.

Pien Hoogenboom, Head of Mediation & Training, at The Lime Tree, gave the workshops.

Hoogenboom pointed out that “Every working place, and therefore everyone working with people, has conflicts. And even though we see encounters/engagements as part of life, it can benefit employees greatly if they have a certain skillset to address particular situations at hand. Instead of seeking legal advice, many situations can be resolved or at least greatly improved by using mediation skills, which can be seen as a set of communication skills specifically designed to solve mutually agreeable outcomes.”

In addition, there are the benefits for the Government organization, according to the organizer, Ramona Ismail, LL.M, of the Department Legal Affairs & Legislation.

“Government employees have to deal with a wide range of issues. With mediation skills, they can handle certain situations more confidently, efficiently, and effectively when facing situations that could be ambiguous, questionable, or tricky. Civil servants can use these mediation skills in encounters that will result in better outcomes” said Ramona, Legal Policy Advisor.

Mediation in general is about in the end coming to a solution that is sustainable, regarding mundane to crisis or conflict situations. There is a process and building up of the communication relationship in order to arrive at a situation where progress can be made that is ultimately beneficial to the most degree to both or all parties.

The Department JZ&W is thankful that Mrs. Pien Hoogenboom have given the workshops on the Legal Platform.