Police are still carrying out controls at different locations



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In the ongoing efforts of the St. Maarten Police Force to curb crime activity in the different districts, controls were held at various locations on September 19th and 20th, 2022.

Additionally, in relation to the decree issued by the Minister of Justice to prevent loitering, in the school areas, the patrols also conducted monitoring activities in the school area.

In the course of monitoring in the school surroundings, one student who was hanging around the school was requested to leave and go home.
However, the 15-year-old student refused and started cursing the officers.
He was repeatedly urged to leave from there, which he refused to do and continued to insult and threaten the police officers. It was decided to arrest the young man to which he began to resist violently during his arrest.

The suspect was later transferred to the police station in Philipsburg and handed over to the youth and morals department.

In the course of a control in Dutch Quarter area, an arrest was made of a male suspect for being in possession of narcotics. While detaining the first suspect, a second man attempted to obstructed the police operation and was also detained. Both suspects were then transferred to the police station for further proceedings.

Late in the evening another male suspect was arrested in the area of Cole -ay in connection with dealing narcotics.
Over the last two day’s a total of 10 cars and 3 motorcycles were stopped and checked.

In recent days, the police have taken several actions against the misconduct of various youth, motorcycle and scooter riders in order to curb this type of behavior

Parents and guardians are also reminded that scooter riders must be at least age 18 and
hold a valid driving license to be able to operate on the public road. The scooter or motorbike must meet requirements set by law to be on the road.