MP Romou: It is important for Parents, teachers and students to unite for success

MP Romou extends blessings to every child, every person who works in the education field, and every parent as they enter into this new school 2022-2023.
The MP stressed on some important factors that contribute to positive outcomes for teachers, students, and parents.
First and foremost, every child/student deserves to have someone in their life who will never ever give up on them. Someone who will always encourage, motivate and instill the core values of life for success, which are to have self-respect, respect for others, discipline, dedication, a strong belief in one’s capabilities and the audacity to push beyond boundaries.
They also need someone to help them to understand that there is a strong connection between self-motivation, self-determination and achieving their accomplishments.
For the educators and all teaching staff, it is important to remember that teaching is not just a profession, but it is a calling.  Persons who go into the educational field are called to impart knowledge which help to create all leaders of the future world. Knowledge which is multifold and extends beyond text books and subject matter. Therefore, everyone must lend a helping hand to our teachers in any way possible, for it is a fact that without teachers, no jobs would exist. It takes a teacher, someone who is dedicated and compassionate about passing on their knowledge to their students, to help to build these individuals who later become the successful doctors, electricians, lawyers, plumbers, carpenters, etc.
It is important to remember that because of someone who instilled key knowledge into students, they were capable of achieving their goals. Some teachers go the extra mile to ensure that their students are given the necessary education they need to succeed. For this, I applaud you.
To all parents, the MP indicated that she knows parenting does not come with a handbook as she is a parent of 2 children herself. The MP said parenting is not only a 24 hour job but a lifetime job as you never stop being a parent even when your children become adults.
She encourages parents to always strive to be that person that their children can talk to when they need  encouragement, motivation, inspiration or just a listening ear.
Parents need to be their children’s biggest cheerleaders and fans. The best thing a parent can spend on their children is time because this allows parents to get to know their children’s potentials. Knowing a child’s potential will be that tool to help you push that child to accomplish all they can on their own level. That extra attention, push and love help the students/children to realize their capabilities.
MP Romou concluded by saying that children/students are the center and to keep this center in tact. Parents and Teachers must assume their roles. The coming together of all three parties is very essential for overall success. It is very important for parents to be a strong support for their children and also for their teachers. Teachers must be able to communicate with parents to ensure that their great work carried out at school continues at home.
So to the magnificent 3 the MP said:  “As you enter into this new school year, the coming together of all 3 is very important to achieve overall success. Students, Teachers and parents I wish you all the best and a very successful school year filled with lots of accomplishments, success and of course alot of fun, because school should be balanced”