Dear Editor,

Please, permit me to express my feelings with all due respect to all media houses.
A few years ago, I immigrated to this lovely island of Sint Maarten from one of the other Dutch Caribbean countries and although I am not a bit sorry that I did make that move free of my own choice, there are still quite a few topics that need to be addressed. Reason why I choose to write to you.

The news and publicizing this in any format forms an integral part of each society and in Sint Maarten it should not be any difference. With modern technology nowadays, we read the news from a little device in our hands. That proofs the importance of news in general. Therefore, for each of us the news can be categorized as hot news and/or news of lesser importance. But all is a happening.

I have come to notice that there are some happenings in Sint Maarten that deserve to be addressed as something that affects the entire community for example when there is a fugitive on the run. In Aruba and in Curacao, when such a thing happens, the Chief of Police together with the Minister of Justice and if deemed necessary the Chief Prosecutor would keep a press conference to inform the population of the happening. I don’t see that happening here.

I have heard or read from social media or on the work floor and at gatherings or in the media of certain happenings whereas the society should be addressed by mentioned authorities but that does not happen.

Then do I ask myself, how come not?

The only answer I come up with is that it is a lack of respect, period.
I consider it a lack of respect to the society if the Police spokesperson, The Chief of Police, The Public Prosecutor and ultimately The Minister of Justice for not addressing the people when this is deemed necessary.

A few weeks ago, there was a situation in Philipsburg whereby the police used their firearm to shoot after a couple in a car. The car was seen after with bullets holes but the Police spokesperson did not address the matter and no follow up updates, nothing. I do hear of house search and arrests but no actual information of what had happened.

In Aruba and Curacao I can see the presence of the media while it is happening, but not here in Sint Maarten. Why is that??

When visitors to the island ask me, what happened and what is the follow up, I feel ashamed not to be able to answer to their questions nor concerns. The authorities seemed to be so concern about the tourists but at the same, they do not think further than that. I would reserve myself from putting the blame on the media as the media proofs to be inquisitive and informative. The lack of cooperation and respect is what is lacking.

I want to urge the Minister of Justice to implore on the Chief of Police to provide the media houses with the necessary leeway to do their job in keeping the society informed with more LIVE press conference on hot topics like murder shooting major traffic accidents and other important news items, rather than only press releases.

The Wonderer.