Crisis of chaos and confusion in government



Crisis of chaos and confusion in government own and operated companies.
Bad policies will lead to bad practices and critical consequences to even exist as functional business entities.

Government own companies should operate as business entities and not as political pet projects for politicians.

The SBOD = the Supervisory Boards of Directors of government own companies and Managements should not be managed or operated under the influence, instructions or interference of politicians by means or ways of intimidations oops insults.
It is safe to say that many of our politicians are deliberately direct involve in the administrative affairs of the SBOD and Managements of government own companies.
Time to let the cat out of the bag oops the genie out of the bottle by calling a spate or spate.

Politicians are the credible causes of the dread destruction of our government own companies. Politicians are the roots and reasons that government own companies are going belly up, in red oops bankruptcy.

Politicians are fleecing, flushing and funneling funds from out of government companies into their personal or private accounts.

Politicians guarantee themselves by not gambling and guessing on or with their kickbacks by appointing family members, friends, flag waivers and other calculated corrupt cronies on SBOD and Managements of government own companies.

It is therefore difficult to call for instant and indebt investigations into government own and operated companies by Parliament when they are the very perpetrators in these dread and dubious dealings.

Ministers and Parliamentarians in Country St. Maarten do have their sticky fingers in the cookie jar.

The greed of these goons in government goes way oops well beyond our comprehension, expectations, imagination and understanding. It is difficult oops unheard of cleaning our chambers oops house with a contaminated cloth oops rancid or rotten rags.

Obvious option:

  • Call for instant, indebt investigations into all government own companies.
  • Call the names of the calculated corrupt cronies, the weevils in the wheat of wealth oops sweetheart deals in our government own companies.
  • Call for early or snap elections to end the malice and misery amongst the masses in Country St. Maarten.

Observations by Mr. Edwin James.