United St. Maarten party collaborates with Simply Masters Foundation Annual Back to School Donation Drive



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Saturday the leader of US Party, as founder and president of the Simply Masters Foundation organized their annual back to school drive in the district of St. Peters. Gordon-Carty in an invited statement said, “that Simply Master Foundation has been giving out school supplies in different communities since 2013 and this year she decided to collaborate with her political team because of the their shared opinion on the importance of education.”

The people of St. Maarten are very proud and they do not go out looking for handouts, but because of the difficult times that we are living in, we know that there are a lot of families that are in need so we decided to go out into the community to give assistance to those that were willing to accept it, and at the same time give the USP team an opportunity to hear first-hand what challenges families are facing. “The response from the community was welcoming, people got an opportunity to express their frustrations and gratitude for the assistance and we were able to interact with different families on a more personal and direct level,” said Gordon-Carty.

The US party has submitted two proposed laws to parliament, one that addresses Pedophilia and one with reference to Election day becoming a National holiday and has stated that they will be submitting more.

President of the United St. Maarten Party Mr. Cecil Nicholas added, “It was important for the party to stay connected with the community, and in collaborating with the Simply Masters Foundation, it afforded the party the opportunity to do just that.”

As aspiring leaders of this country it is important that we have a good understanding of the sentiments of the people we are choosing to represent. Holding political office is a huge responsibility, you’re not only tasked with governing, but you are also obligated to be an example of what’s possible. The institution of the governing bodies namely council of ministers and parliament has been degrading over the years and it’s important that population understands their role in ensuring this does not continue.

“Electing the right individuals and holding them accountable is of the utmost importance, so we took this opportunity to give back and introduce ourselves and candidates to the community of St. Peters”, concluded Nicholas.