Integrity Chamber Provides Information Sessions on Integrity to Various Organisations



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In the month of June, the Integrity Chamber provided information sessions on the importance of integrity to the Police (KPSM), the National Detectives (Landsrecherche), the Point Blanche Prison, and the National Security Service (VDSM). The information was presented by Integrity Chamber members Rian Vogels, Hans Lodder and Rafael Boasman, with the assistance of the secretariat.

The session was initiated by the Integrity Chamber, based on its task of bringing awareness and promoting integrity to the community. The sessions included information about the various tasks and working methods of the Integrity Chamber, the values of integrity in the workplace, and the various aspects of integrity that are specific to the working duties and responsibilities of each executing agency.

The members of the Integrity Chamber encouraged the participants to be mindful of their actions as servants of the community. On the basis of their own experiences, the members also provided tips on how to maintain integrity within the executing agencies. Interactive sessions were encouraged, allowing for an question and answer segment, where the participants also shared their opinions. The secretariat also provided answers to questions related to the advices and proposals that were published by the Integrity Chamber.

The executing agencies welcomed the information sessions for the benefit of staff and
management. The Integrity Chamber applauds the agencies for recognizing the importance of upholding integrity.

The Integrity Chamber appreciates the opportunity to discuss integrity with members of the
community and looks forward to future collaborations. For more information about the Integrity Chamber, visit the website at