Dear Editor,

Permit me share the following experience with your readers as in my opinion worth the sharing.

In the last week of June 2022, I decided to assist a friend of mine that has been away for medical reason for a few months now. His vehicle needed to get new number plates and also inspection. So I left my own vehicle at his residence and took his vehicle to the Inspection located at the Soualiga Road.

I got the vehicle inspected and continue my way to the Receivers for the number plates. There, I was told by this nice female collaborator that because it was just three days away from the month of July, it would be best to wait and purchase the number plate the following week, thus in July as I would only have to pay half the price.

Friday, July 1st, 2022 was a holiday. Therefore, indeed I would have to wait until the following week. I was very happy to be able to save some money there. I followed that advice and left.

On my way back to my friend’s home, I was stopped by the traffic police. I stopped and one of the officers came to me and told me that I am driving without a new number plate, meaning that I did not pay the Road Tax. I felt good or less bad when I notice that the officer is known to me and vice versa. I explained the whole story and showed him the proof of payment of the inspection of the vehicle that was done minutes earlier. But the officer was not cooperative and said that the best he could do for me is to give me a fine for NAf. 150,-.

I was very disappointed for the non-cooperative attitude of the officer even after having heard the reason behind the act of misdemeanor. As I realized that, I did not save any money by not purchasing the number plates at its full price.

Now, this week I embarked to purchase the number plates. I went to the Receivers and met another female collaborator who told me that I have to pay the full price for the number plates! I let her know what her other colleague told me. She answered me rudely that I was misinformed by the other colleague. I did not have a choice so I paid the full price of the number plate for half the year.

I was still in two minds if to pay the fine or take a chance and argue my point in court as I feel that if I was not misinformed at the Receiver I would not have gotten a fine by the uncooperative police officer and who did not use his own discretion.

I am a pensioner and with I have limited income. Mainly for that reason that I will take my chance in court and hope for the best judgment.

Clyde Coffi