SDA Grade 6 class donates play equipment to SMMC



CAY HILL, Sint Maarten — The grade 6 class of the St. Maarten Seventh-Day Adventist School (SDA) recently donated play equipment to the pediatric in-patient ward of the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) and gave existing patio furniture a facelift as part of their community project.

Every year, the graduating grade 6 class engages in a community project to encourage students to put being good citizens into practice. This year, the grade 6 class chose the pediatric in-patient ward of SMMC. After considering COVID-19 restrictions, they decided to donate a piece of play equipment, which was funded by the class.

The class also sanded and repainted a piece of patio furniture that many parents, guardians and young patients used during their time admitted to the ward. The class was excited to do this as none of them had the opportunity to paint something before and allowed the exercise to also serve as a learning opportunity.

“We take this opportunity to say thank you for graciously allowing us to apply what we have been learning theoretically at school, that is, to be good citizens and to emulate God who constantly shares love and kindness with all of us”, said SDA Grade 6 Teacher, Gloria Butcher

SMMC thanks the SDA school, especially the grade 6 class and their teacher, Mrs. Butcher for the generous donation that will help make young patients’ time on the ward more pleasant.