Interim Managing Director Mr. Temmer: NV GEBE is ensuring that all precautionary measures are taken in accordance with the conditions and recommendations of the investigation



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — NV GEBE today announced that the company is in its final planning stage of reopening its doors to the public. The company closed its doors temporarily on March 17, 2022, due to a cyber-attack caused by the Black Byte ransomware, which unfortunately impacted the company’s computer systems. With the investigation ongoing, NV GEBE is not at liberty to provide any direct details on the situation, but will do so at a later date.

NV GEBE recognizes the concerns of the public regarding bill payments and disconnections due to the company being closed. We would hereby like to reassure the public that disconnections have been halted until further notice.

While the offices are still closed, we encourage our customers who wish to keep their account up to date to do so by use of online banking to make payment or use direct deposit at their banks. When making payments via online banking or direct deposit, please ensure that your contract account number is included in the transaction so payment can be applied to the correct account holder. Once our system is up and running again, we will verify your payment (s) and you will receive your receipt(s) via email as is customary.

NV GEBE is requesting the public to refrain from using the drop box as we are unable to process check payments.

NV GEBE hereby reminds the public of our temporary way of working until we reopen.
NV GEBE’s Temporary Established Way of Working Application Move in / Move out

• Customers who want to close their accounts can come to our office, Philipsburg, with a copy of a bill, ID and letter requesting termination of Account.
• Customers who are moving from one location to another can come to our office Philipsburg, fill in the application form and bring along an old bill.
• Customers requesting a new connection can come into our office, Philipsburg, and fill out the
application form.
• Customers who would like to make an installment plan can come into our customer
service office, Philipsburg, bring along ID and old bill.
• If you have been disconnected prior to March 17th 2022, you can make payment online. Please state your name on the bill or your contract Acct Number. Bring / send us proof of Payment via our WhatsApp number 5883117 or go to our live chat and send us proof of payment. You will be reconnected.
• If a customer would like to make payment for a bill, they can also go online and make
payment, or use direct deposit at their bank.
• Customers who would like to make payment are encourage to make a payment of your estimated monthly amount online or use direct deposit at their bank.

Our Help Desk and Customer Care can be reached on 1 721 546 1100 / 5461160 or via WhatsApp message or direct call on 588 3117 with regards to the services mention above.

Interim Managing Director Mr. Merrill Temmer stated, that NV GEBE is ensuring that all precautionary measures are taken in accordance with the conditions and recommendations of the investigation. “We will continue to prioritize the safety and security of NV GEBE as a whole and have been very thoughtful about the reopening process we will be implementing. We know that the community is eager to make payments on their accounts, however, all precaution must be taken to create a safe and secured environment for us all. The steps are in place and we are near ready and excited to welcome back our customers.”

Once again, we thank the customers for their patience and understanding and assure you that we are doing our best and working expeditiously to restore normalcy to the company.