Human smuggling team busy with several investigations



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Human Trafficking Human Smuggling Unit (UMM) of the Sint Maarten Police Force has been carrying out investigations into several human smuggling incidents since the middle of 2021, originating from Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) with the ultimate final destination being the USVI.

Nationality people who were being smuggled often were Haitians, Venezuelans and Brazilians. In the meantime, several arrests have been made of suspects who are believed to have played an organizing role within this smuggling organization.

Collaborating closely with the French police, a suspect involved in this investigation was arrested by the French police upon request of the human smuggling team of KPSM.
During one of these human smuggling incidents, the vessel used encountered problems and ultimately sank.

One of the crew members went missing in the process and probably drowned. This investigation is ongoing and the UMM team is not ruling out more arrests.