COHO on Shaky Legal Grounds: There Is no Landsbesluit

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — It has come to the attention of Pro Soualiga that the Council of Ministers has not issued a Landbesluit confirming their acceptance of and participation in the Consensus Kingdom Law COHO. Without an LB, there is no formal legal decision for St. Maarten to participate in COHO.
All decisions by the Government of St. Maarten must be in the form of an LB.  Absent an LB there is, therefore, no legal basis for COHO to operate on St. Maarten.  An LB is crucial because it requires an advice from the Council of Advice and it also requires the Governor to screen for compliance with international treaties.
This double screening is important because Pro Soualiga has in the meantime made the competent authorities aware that COHO is in conflict with St. Maarten’s right to self-determination which is a peremptory norm from which no deviation is allowed.  We urge the Government to issue the LB so that COHO can be screened for compliance.