Simply Masters Foundation donates to the Babe Ruth Baseball League

Pamela Gordon-Carty and Austin Gordon (left) with representatives an children of the Babe Ruth Baseball League.


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Pamela Gordon-Carty and Austin Gordon, Founder and President of The Simply Masters Foundation respectively, donated school bags to the Babe Ruth Baseball League on Saturday, February 19. The foundation, established in 2014, has always been a foundation that caters towards enhancement of children at an early age.

The donation was made after the Babe Ruth League approached the foundation and had positive discussions with the foundation. Austin Helliger and Dimar Labega represented the Baby Ruth League in these fruitful discussions that benefits children. Whitfield Vlaun also forms part of The Simply Masters Foundation.

Gordon-Carty has always been an advocate in enhancing the knowledge and the opportunities of a child. “Working yearly with the public schools through donations has been our main contribution in giving back to the community but now we’ve expanded as we intend to form a generation of unique individuals who will be well-rounded on all fronts that can one day take over and guide this country in the direction that it has to go,”  Gordon-Carty said.

She said the importance of being well rounded is not only what is thought at school, but intangibles that are not taught but exist in every child are extremely important. Only support is needed. The foundation’s Facebook page Simply Masters and website gives a broad scope of information as to what the organization stands for. “I believe in the formation of a more powerful generation.

We need to always remember that the fight is not for us but for them. We have a task in giving them a fighting chance and we can’t ignore that,” she said.

“Working with Babe Ruth, we see the great possibility in helping the children to broaden their future. Being well rounded academically, practically with life skills and general knowledge goes hand in hand with sports. We have a lot of children in this country that are very skilled, they just need the opportunity to be properly guided and shown that they can achieve, once they believe in themselves. It’s about self trust and knowing that each individual has a full potential in reaching the sky. Let’s all do our part and pave that way for the children of St. Maarten,” she added.

The Simply Masters Foundation wished the Babe Ruth Baseball League much success in their efforts and assured them that the foundation’s doors are open to assist in making a positive difference in the lives of the children of St. Maarten through sports. “From our end we will continue to invest in our children with our different lectures and programs. Pease follow us on Facebook and on the website as mentioned above. Let’s get our children to the level they become a powerhouse to reckon with on all fronts, spiritually, mentally, academically and physically,” Gordon-Carty concluded.