MP Arrindell Comes Good on funding for Road Repairs

Member of Parliament (MP) Akeem Arrindell
PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — In a follow with concerns posed to Minister Vromi concerning deplorable roads, MP Akeem Arrindell comes good on his word and in Friday’s Budget meeting  brought forward an Amendment for the first time since being in office in regards to allocating additional funds for  repairs/resurfacing the roads of St. Maarten.
Together with MP Rolando Brison we looked for ideas for re-allocation of  funds to ensure monies could be made available.
We found ways to make this a reality, which the cost for restoration and beautification of the Marketplace in Philipsburg which was part of budget 2022 will now instead be released by investment from Port St. Maarten.
This will free up  six hundred thousand (600,000) that can now be added to already five million (5,000,000) from Ring Road which now gives Ministry Vromi a total of five million six hundred thousand (5,600,000) to ensure roads such as the Entrance to Cay Bay up to US Laundry are properly repaired and the root cause of these constant repairs are also taken care of. Other areas such as Dutch Quarter, Welfare road, are also to be repaired.
These areas have become an eyesore and danger to the general public and visitors alike and repair actions are needed post haste.