Gordon-Carty: Civil servant exodus due to victimization, hopelessness

Pamela Gordon-Carty, Leader of the United St. Maarten Party (USP)


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Leader of the United St. Maarten Party (USP) Pamela Gordon-Carty on Wednesday decried the amount of civil servants that are leaving government service and placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of the National Alliance/UP coalition government. She said the government has created an atmosphere of hopelessness and victimization which is directly contributing to the exodus of public servants.

“While I want to wish the entire population of country St. Maarten a prosperous and health filled new year beginnings, I would also want to express my dissatisfaction with what has been going on in plain sight right here. Lately there’s a trend of putting down our own people publicly to the point of humiliating them, ruining their career whether it be political or not,” Gordon-Carty said, adding that public servants are being made a mockery of to suit whatever narrative or hidden agendas.

“We are also aware of more planning to follow suit. Who will be the new ones? What’s the selection procedure? Are our locals going to have a fair chance? Government is portraying to be for the people but their actions speak to the contrary. The constant selective dismissals, the resignations and victimization of our local people have to stop,” she said.

Gordon-Carty said even in those instances where the court was involved with terminating of civil servants, there could easily have been other individuals that could and maybe should have been held accountable because of improper behavior and undermining of senior civil servants.

“I do not know of any other country that treats its own people with such mockery. It is a disgrace. Individuals that have been in contact with the law and were also convicted are also quick to condemn others as if they never made a mistake in their life time. People we as a nation need to unite. I am not saying we need to condone wrong doings, but we can’t be enjoy stepping on our own and let others that have done worse to walk away ‘scotch’ free,” she said.

She continued: “What is the message we are giving out to our younger generation. No one on this earth is perfect so let’s stop the facade. Give the nation a chance to prove to the outer world that we stand together as a nation by our actions. This selective choice of making our own people into public spectacles is not acceptable. For me it doesn’t matter what political color the individual represents.

“Stop undermining our own. Why are we constantly stepping over our own? To prove a point to who is my question? Who do we want to please? So what are we saying that educated young individuals can’t come back home and occupy a decent post in his or her country? Are we saying that if this individual doesn’t role with what a selective group wants, then we will slander him/her, beat the individual to a pulp, ridicule him publicly and stand on the side and be part of how they’re bringing down our own? St. Maarten remember together we are stronger divided it’s not going to work out,” she concluded.