Comedy, Tapas & Dance cancelled after Tropicana Ball Room safety decision



Xtratight Entertainment announced on Wednesday morning that its “Comedy, Tapas & Dance” has been cancelled due to a sudden decision made by the host venue. The event was scheduled to be held this Saturday, January 8.

Management of the Tropicana Casino & Tropicana Ball Room informed Xtratight that due to the proliferation of COVID-19 cases, it had no choice but to make a safety decision for the property.
Director of Xtratight Bertaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming explained that the situation is very unfortunate, but he cannot hold it against the property for making a decision based on safety and the current situation.

“With our extensive testing and safety protocols in place we were prepared to host a very safe and fun event. We had all of our bases covered and were ready to go. However, the property owners have their own concerns and we can only accept the decision,” Fleming said.

He further explained that hastily looking for a new location at this stage is not feasible for Xtratight and as such the event will have to be hosted at a still-to-be-identified date and place in the future. Persons who had already purchased tickets will be fully refunded.