Minimum Earners SXM, last place in the Dutch Caribbean salary levels 

Terence Jandroep CRA CQA CLA


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Certified Risk Analyst, Terence Jandroep CRA CQA CLA, has concluded a study on the “small man” economic platform in the Dutch Caribbean and observed a very disturbing trend in Sint Maarten over the period 2017-2020. The inflation rate for Curacao and Aruba over the mentioned period was 6.9%(including Import duties) and Sint Maarten(without import duties) was 9.1% over the same period.

The comparison is not fully accurate because an average of 22% of Import duties must be subtracted from the 6.9% making the real comparison rate to Sint Maarten: 100/122x 6.9%=5.7% indicating that the inflation rate difference is 3.4% under the same conditions like Sint Maarten

In addition the Analyst made a Minimum Wage comparison within the Dutch Caribbean with the following results:
Aruba:  Afl 10.59 per hour= Afl. 1,835
BES Islands average: Naf 11.19 per hour= Naf 1,939
Curacao Naf 9.62 per hour= Naf  1,667
Sint Maarten: Naf 8.83 per hour= Naf.1,530

The comparison places the SXM minimum wage earner in last place of the Dutch Caribbean food chain with a 9.1% inflation rate without import duties. Comparing the salaries to Aruba and BES Islands, the SXM Minimum wage earner makes 17% (Afl. 305,= per month) less  than Aruba, 21% less(Naf 409,= per month)  than the BES islands and 9% (Naf 147 per month) less than Curacao, while the cost of living in Sint Maarten is much higher.

The matrix shows that in reality, that when adding the 3.4% inflation rate difference to the indicators the result clearly indicates that the SXM minimum wage earner is shorten 20.4% than Aruba, 24.4% less than BES islands and 12.4% less than Curacao in comparison to the counterparts in the Dutch Caribbean, while Curacao is far more the cheapest of all the islands emphasizing food and housing.

This phenomenon arises from the theory, why this concern was not brought forward earlier by any organization in Sint Maarten, and what have the Governments in the last decade done to bring an equality in the matter considering the cost of Living in Sint Maarten. The Minimum earner is Sint Maarten is likely not to get a loan, credit card or limiting his participation in the economic development, becoming an easy prey during election, and subject to a systematic impoverishment.

The Analyst hopes that after reading this article the Community organizations will consider the matrix in their approach and that a complete revamping of the economy boosting strategy is necessary, because it has not worked for the SXM minimum earner. Should any organization wish to contact the Risk Analyst please do so via email: