King T-MO, Benjamin Bell to highlight “Philipsburg Becomes Magical” event



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — Philipsburg will come alive this upcoming weekend when the “Philipsburg Becomes Magical” holiday event is expected to instill special seasonal energy in the capital of St. Maarten. With legendary singer King T-MO highlighting Saturday, December 18 and St. Maarten’ s crooner Benjamin Bell highlighting the activities on Sunday, December 19, the event is being billed as a “come one, come all family event.” The event runs from 1pm to 8pm on both days.

Organised by Xtratight Entertainment of Bertaux Fleming, “Philipsburg Becomes Magical” will give entrepreneurs, local vendors and entertainers the opportunity to display their talent and sell their products to the community. Vending stalls will adorned with Christmas décor, stores will remain open to the public, entertainment will be constant and the atmosphere will be electric.

Adding to all of this cheer, King T-MO will take the stage on Saturday to perform his famous local Christmas tunes to which residents like to sing along. Not to be outdone, well known vocalist Benjamin Bell, known for his smooth versions of Christmas tunes and other genres of music will make sure that Sunday evening is a memorable affair.

“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. We are extremely happy to be able to afford these opportunities to our local vendors, entertainers and to do our part to help the economy. As an extension of Koop Avond, Phillipsburg Becomes Magical is designed to give the well needed economic boost in these trying times while creating a sense of hope and stress relief for the community,” Fleming said.

“Everyone has their part to play in this, Xtratight Entertainment organizes the event, the vendors create and we hope the public will support. Together Let’s Bring Philipsburg Back Alive,” he added.

Organizing partners in “Philipsburg Becomes Magical” are the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, the Ministry Of Tourism & Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, Flow, Heineken, Chamber Of Commerce, Port St. Maarten, GEBE, Kooyman, VivaSigns, SXM Fire Works, Quality Sweepers and Genesis Music Group.