Cruise Lines hesitant with the situation on French Saint-Martin



SINT MAARTEN, PHILIPSBURG – Due to a recent situation where barricades were once again erected and set on fire early Monday morning thereby blocking the main road in the residential district of Sandy Ground on French Saint Martin, cruise lines who will have ships in port on Wednesday, December 1, has decided to caution free roam passengers and restrict curated tours due to the uncertainty of the free and unhampered flow throughout the Northern part of the island.

Gendarmes on Monday morning cleared the erected barricades.

One of the key protocols of the cruise industry is safety and security of cruise passengers while visiting a destination. The measure taken by one cruise line should be seen from this perspective.

Ministry TEATT is hoping that these isolated events on the Northern side of the island can be resolved as soon as possible ensuring that the destination continues to offer a holistic product to cruise guests and things will return back to business as usual where guests are able to experience our destination freely as one island and can enjoy the Friendly Island.

The tourism offices of both sides of the island will continue to work together and keep stakeholders updated.