Christmas message USP: “Together”



My fellow citizens,

Although there are many of our fellow citizens who won’t be able to celebrate the holidays as others, the United St. Maarten Party (USP) wants to express strength, love and peace to the entire population of St. Maarten for the Christmas season and the promise of hope it brings.

May God grant those of us who are fortunate, the thoughtfulness and generosity to reach out to those who might be unemployed, to those living under a yet-to-be-repaired roof and to those trying to get by on minimum wage and not able to sustain a more bountiful celebration.

These good folks are our fellow citizens. Please spare a thought and a prayer for them. May they find peace and comfort as you celebrate the holiday season in challenging times. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and we wish nothing but the best for you in the coming year. I continue to be inspired by your fighting spirit.

AS the leader of the USP, I pray that this season make us as a population reflect and understand that togetherness has power. Together we can eradicate poverty, together we can educate and prepare our next generation to be a stronger nation, together we can work together on our weaknesses and hold one head towards country elevation and not just see progress for a selective few. Together, we demonstrate that better is always possible, and that in difficult times, we are at our very best.

Let this season be the season to enjoy the family and understand the strength and power in unity. Unity as a family and unity as a nation goes a long way. Together we will all enjoy prosperity, happy life, health in abundance and love for one and all. Together, without selfish belief but with selfless commitment, we can forge a better future for our children.

Let the light of Christmas, the spirit of selflessness, love and above all, hope, guide us in the times ahead. Merry Christmas St. Maarten.

Pamela Gordon-Carty
Leader of United St. Maarten Party (