Two police officers suspected of seeking bribes and abuse of function

Officer Igmar Woodley and Virginia Maxwell


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (OM) – The detention has been extended for two police officers suspected of seeking bribes, abuse of function, and divulging confidential information to a third party. The instructing judge will further review their detention in the coming days.

The officers were arrested over the weekend by the National Detectives (in Dutch “Landsrecherche”) in this ongoing investigation. The two officers were subsequently suspended from their posts by the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM.

KPSM officials took prompt action in this very serious case involving two of its ranks. Upon receiving the complaint, an investigation was immediately launched. When it was found that police officers were possible suspects, the case was turned over to the National Detectives for further investigation.

In that regard, the Prosecutor’s Office believes that KPSM acted appropriately when it was uncovered that two of its officers were possibly involved in criminal activities. KPSM cooperated swiftly and fully in the execution of the investigation by the National Detectives thus ensuring complete transparency.

This case will be investigated thoroughly. Serious and definitive actions will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation. At this moment, the Prosecutor’s Office has no concrete evidence that the individual officers sought bribes from any other persons nor is there any indication that other police officers were involved in this incident.

Anyone with information about this case or any other that falls within the preview of the National Detectives is encouraged to contact the detectives on +1721 542 2409.

The National Detectives investigates criminal acts committed by public officials, including the police. The organization carries out investigations regarding corruption, abuse of power, favoritism, and professional misconduct among others based on facts and behaviors related to government, persons or legal entities that are involved in or execute public tasks.