Spare the rod and spoil the child is true saying !!!!

Spare the rod and spoil the child is true saying. This is not about what the old people used to say, this is biblical (Proverbs 13:24) And if you are aware that the child deserves to be punished, and you don’t do so then this could be adverse intentions.

In this case it is the people of Sint Maarten who are being affected. By now, we should know that this is exactly what happened to Chairman Brison. He messed with the controllers while doing their job. They ‘kijk door de vingers’; while IPKO was waiting for him, he was playing some kind of a sport.
He received a slap on the wrist. Superman, Batman or even Santa Claus have assistants, but he felt that he could take on the Coharis gang alone. All he heard was this damn boy is embarrassing us. He seems to be a night bat, so island-wide curfew was not put in place for him. He broke protocol. The next thing you know they started calling him a crackhead, but they still have not done anything. I thought, “How much more are his colleagues going to take?
Yes, how much lower can they go? But then I listened to that tape, which by now has gone viral, I decided this lunatic has to go. And then again, I heard something which was, “When last did we get through a week without our leaders embarrassing us?” I have constantly written to you about our people in government being indicted and incarcerated, and that the people of Sint Maarten do not deserve this, but I have never felt so embarrassed as after listening to that tape.
Chairman Brison did all of the above and it seems as if that internal “code of ethics” was about to protect him again. But technology, yes technology, got the better part of him. Nowadays everybody has a cell phone because a cell phone does everything. Nobody trusts anybody anymore, because nowadays they never know who’s going to throw down the government. Too bad for Chairman Brison.
Nobody is going to catch me mumbling words because as I always say, I am responsible for what I write. There are certain things instilled in me from childhood. I started off my letter with one and another one is that ‘the truth will set you free’. My mother used to tell us, “You don’t have to say everything, but whatever you say must be the truth.” I hear that his own party members are asking for his resignation, so I wonder what they are going to do about that “code of ethics”
I hope he does not have an ace up his sleeve, which could mean forcing a lot of people’s hands, delaying him being ousted, which is totally not fair to the people of Sint Maarten.
I believe that ethically the complete Parliament should call for his resignation. He is behaving as if the government (the people) is his to do as he wishes with, holding that position.
This is embarrassing to the people of Sint Maarten, and if the members of Parliament do not demand Brison’s resignation, they will be showing the people who they really are. So, if they want to be respected, this should not be, ‘it is not up to me’, they all should have the dignity to en bloc demand chairman Brison’s resignation. Do we really want to continue this trend? Do the people of Sint Maarten deserve to continue to be led by a “yob”? I do not think that I have to remind the people of Sint Maarten of the popular saying, “From where the fish does start to rot. The same way that that tape has gone viral, it is up to Parliament to show the world now who they really are.
Who is really to blame? I would say they did not bend the tree in time, so they now they have to chop it down.
Russell A. Simmons